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Present your Ecovillage, or any like minded project simultaneously on many affiliated sites around the globe. Take advantage of a co-working space and multiple other features for project development and promotion. Document your best practices. Or find projects open for members or visitors.

After creating your user account you are welcome to set up one or even several projects by filling the 'create project' form. Directly you dispose of a project space with the url '', where the presentation and all project related content is accessible. After approval of our moderator the project will be presented in the relevant listings of all our affiliated websites around the globe.

Finding and then presenting the team, while using co-working features

Any user can get friend of projects he/she likes. Then the user picture will appear in the list of friends, while the project is also listed in the 'friendship box' under 'my projects'. Most important: An email notification will be send out to the user, for every new content the project publishes on the website. All friends will stay connected and updated.

When a co-operation with other users is about to start, the project administrators can add them to the project group, which then has several co-working features.

The Global Eco village Network developed a questionnaire which reflects key parameters for monitoring best practices of Eco village living. All regional networks around the globe were closely involved in the development to make sure it fit to all regional and cultural specifics. Filling in this questionnaire helps to reflect your projects best practices and is also very valuable data for our users and the promotion of the Eco village movement on a political level. We ask all projects to please fill in the questionnaire and like support our labor.

All possible entries: activities, resources or posts in take part can be directly connected to a project. That way they get listed in the project space, while the project is always pointed out next to the content. Notifications of new entries will be sent to all friends of the project.
All members and collaborators of a project are able to create project content by referencing the project in the form. Later any project member will be able to edit project content, even if it was created by somebody else on your team.

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