Sites of GEN

Global websites

GEN International

The representative site of GEN international

GEN International is the connective entity of the Global Ecovillage Network. It coordinates between the 5 regional networks. On you find all general information about the Global network, its important activities and the news published by our editors.

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Solution Library

Database of sustainable solutions.

Find and contribute solutions facing challenges of all dimensions of sustainable living.

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GEN db

Blow-by-blow database access

On you can get a detailed overview of our database of projects and events. Clean design with structured tables and advanced filtering options.

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The youth movement of GEN

Website in preperation

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GEN sites

Ecovillage Networking

A networking platform offered to users and projects. A multitude of features support dynamic interaction and collaborative project development. Read more

Sites on GEN sites

GEN sites also provides the posibility to host regional, national and thematic websites. Individualized, while having full access to a vibrant pool of content. With your user account created on most of these sites you are able to login on other affiliated sites and then create content visible on various sites simultanously.

Regional websites


Ecovillage Network of North America


Council of Sustainable Settlements of America

South America, Central America, Caribe, and Mexico.

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GEN Africa

African Ecovillage Network

GEN Europe

The European Ecovillage Network

Including Europe, Russia and Middle East.

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Ecovillage Network of Asia and Oceania

Specific websites

National sites

National sites running on the GEN sites platform

We are getting prepared for hosting more national sites. Please get in contact if you are interested.

GEN Elders

The Elders of the Ecovillage Networks

Placeholder: website in preparation