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New Ecovillage dreams

Users share their dreams of Ecovillages or other projects. With help of the community they might be carried into reality.
  • ShaggyCtes is dreaming of...

    Proyecto Dipam (Project Dipam)

    sustainable Ecovillage

    "Dipam" It's a word in the Pali language that can be translated as "Island", "Refuge" or even "Nirvana". I choose this name inspired by Aldous Huxley's "Island" of 1962. My favourite book and in my opinion an excelent guide towards an permacultural and peaceful ecovillage project.

    An ecovillage oriented to create a peaceful an harmonious lifestyle within nature, using modern technologies, along some peaceful techniques (meditation, Taichi, etc) and comunity life. Using modern technologies oriented oriented towards self-sustentation but mantaining a basic confort level in life.

  • The Earthlings Farm is dreaming of...

    The Earthlings Farm