100 Community in each 81 Cities of Turkey

8100 names herself from the 81 cities in my country.The movement is dreaming of 100 community in each city.
Gundonumu is aiming to be the first community of 8100 communities focusing to be ready till 2019.

The project economically is very strong as the key is direct sales to a doorstep delivery within membership in the nearest town.
For the ecological and social sustainty time and good structured examples are needed.

Each 8100 community focuses on regenerating soil-providing service to ecolife through mono activity focused neighbors completing each other on a permacultural vision using the same land.
Right now the community has 2 neighbors.

I have cows,Sarah and Serdar will have chicken and we are looking for more neighbors to complete us.
Anyone interested in the following are invited in to focus on:

-dairy processing
-natural buildings
-rainwater harvest
-energy systems
-hamam-spa management
-you name it,we add it if it serves the land and the neighbors :)

Throughout the doorstep delivery network each member can sell his/her products or services directly to the consumer (2000 addresses weekly) and has an individual economic gain.

However social,cultural and ecological gains are mutual.
To associate with the project 3 steps are required:

1-4 weeks of volunteering
part to experience the harmony in between.

2-one year long mini project
whatever the neighbor has in mind ;prepares a smaller scale project and starts working on it.
there are some supports from the existing neighbors for the 2nd step
a.the products and services are marketed,promoted.warehoused,sold,delivered at the price given-this is a service free of charge for one year
b.depending on the scale of the mini project no rent,electricity or water expenses are asked.
c.the project owner can accommodate within the community contributing the cost
d.the project owner can ask for volunteer support contributing the cost

3-rooting in
if it looks like a comfortable place we have a neighbor!
we are ready to continue sharing life and expect our new neighbor to participate with the community cost as to the scale of his/her final scale.

8100 community in Turkey is not a dream but a reality already happening.Each region can exchange goods,services,volunteers even neighbors(there is a fit for everyone).
Thus will help both the community to spread harmony and peace,ecosystem to start healing.
Thank for reading this description!