Arca Verde




We live in the Mountains of South Brazil, 2 hours from the state capital Porto Alegre, near a beatiful lake, and have a very active community.

Our main activities are courses, organic agriculture and local economy, bioconstruction and social-cultural activities. Now we have 16 members, and intend to have 60 maximum. We welcome all people interested, especially entpreneurs, people with skills in bioconstruction, trade, holistic healers, and organic growers and farmers. There is 9 houses, and we are making now a permacultural design for our land. We offer guided tours by appointment and have a Volunteer Program.
The Instituto Arca Verde was fouded in 2005 by a group of people with a common vision, and since then have build one of the strongest ecovillage in south Brazil, together with a collective experience of a complete different way of living, that is still developing coerently in accordance with the local environment. Is part of our vision working with all principles of permaculture, agroforest, bioconstruction, conscious consumption, social tools as forum and non-violent communication, local economy with our own currency, empowerment and consense, libertary education, deep ecology, alltogether in a relaxed and harmonious social environment.