Articles and News

As article you are able to post several types of texts:

  • News have a short term significance. Inform about recent occurrences in your project.
  • Thematic article: Write about any subject related to Ecovillage living for transmiting knowledge, inspiration or reflections.
  • Experience: Share your experience when joining a project or an event, which you also can reference in the form.
  • Tutorial: Want to empower other to do certain things? Do it yourself instructions, Step by step documentation,....
  • Personal Texts which are not clearly of public interest. Like personal essays, diaries,... should be tagged as personal. These text will appear in your user profile and can also be posted on other peoples wall. But it won't be listed in our catalog

The following content should NOT get posted as an article. Please use the appropriate form.

  • Projects: Description of initiative, organizations or any other projects. Just in case of an actual occurrence you can share it as 'News' while referencing the existing project presentation which should be created beforehand.
  • Announcements of any type: Events, offering and searching goods or services, searching a project,...
  • Opinions or statements which should lead to a discussion: Please use the forum for that, to give other users the chance to comment.

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