Building up a group

Finding and then presenting the team, while using co-working features

Any user can get friend of projects he/she likes. Then the user picture will appear in the list of friends, while the project is also listed in the 'friendship box' under 'my projects'. Most important: An email notification will be send out to the user, for every new content the project publishes on the website. All friends will stay connected and updated.

When a co-operation with other users is about to start, the project administrators can add them to the project group, and give them one of 3 available roles: 'collaborator', 'member' or 'focaliser'. All have access to the 'council', and internal co-working space. Members and Focalisers will be able to create and edit any project content: entries directly connected to the project, and that way present and promote the project in collaboration.

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Creando sensaciones