Create a user profile

You are welcome to register on the site and create your profile. You will then be represented on all affiliated websites and can use most of the offered features.

Account are personal

Please don't use your user profiles as a project presentation. User accounts are personal and should exist beside the projects you are involved in. Once you have created your profile you will be able to create a project presentation, where all users involved can get access to all features. We recommend to prompt all members of your project to create an account each and then get added to the project group.

Account and picture

Once you have created the account you will find the link "edit account" above your profile. This is where you can complete or change the basic configuration of your account. In most of the lists you will appear if you upload a user picture. It is better to upload a picture in case you are interested in contacts and project integration. The choice is yours as to how public the image you use is.


The link "edit profile" allows you to complete your user profile which will be found with the url '' (and equally with any GEN sites domain). By using all related features you will be able to transform your profile into a personal dynamic web presence.
Go to your account, login or register

The profile 'Background and visions' allows you to define your personal background, family and professional situation, as much as your vision and quest for your future. This information is translated into all languages instantly and shown on the profile page.
The list find partner allows other users - whether they be upcoming or established projects - to search for partners who fit perfectly to work on their utopia together.

The profile 'skills' allows you to define your level of skills in 9 important areas. Also you are able to declare in which context you are willing to offer these skills and your collaboration. This information is made available on your profile page.
The page find collaborators allows projects to search for pontentional collaborators, with needed skills and appropriate disponibility. This might be about temporary support or long term project integration.




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