Joining an Ecovillage

"I'm searching for an Ecovillage to settle, what should I do?"

Each time more people are willing to leave their actual life behind and step into a more fulfilling life situation. We are so happy to see this tendency, but many times it is not easy to find or create a project. Supporting all this seeking people and help to establish more and more Eco villages is one of the main reasons for creating this website. Read here what you can do:

Presenting yourself

First make sure your profile is well set up, so you awake the interest of potential partners or existing projects and help them to find you. Fill the 'background and vision' profile which helps to define your query and make you appear in the 'find partner' list. Fill the 'skills' profile which helps to define your skills and and makes you appear in the 'find collaborator' list.

Getting in touch

Become a friend of the projects which most interests you. By staying in touch through their publications you might get a better idea about their essence and reality. Opportunities to have a short term experience might turn up. You might also awake the attention of these projects by being listed in their friends list with your profile information. Creating friends is the first step for possibly getting part of the project group here on the website.

Take part in Events

Its not easy to step into ecovillage living. Many skills have to be learned. Especcially the social skills are challenging and few people have this in account. Social dinamics are the main reason why upcoming projects fail, and also why candidates might get rejected after trial. Our events are the best way to develop your skills. Most projects are not very keen on training newcommers during their day by day life. Thats why trainings for interested people are offered by many Ecovillages. Candidates who did take care about the needed skills beforehand are far more attractive to projects. The events are also perfect occations for meeting likeminded people and getting an inside to existing projects.

Find inspiration and knowledge

Take advance of our resources. You will find a lot of knowledge and inspiration there, helping you to get a better idea of what you want and need. The catalog is the best place to look for specific resources, once you know what is needed.

Get advice

If you still don't know what to do, or how to attent certain personal challenges, you should consult our forum. Thats the place prepared for posting your doubts and asking for feedback and support. Other users might help you. Good luck for your quest. Hope to meet you happily in your dream Ecovillage one day.




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