Manage your favorit entries

Next to each entry you find buttons (on full page view), or little icons (on teaser view). They allow you to flag content by a single click in various ways. By flagging entries you are able to post them in your user profile or in a project presentation, store them in your toolbox or promote them in public listings. The flags set by you are visible in teaser or full page view, where you can simply un-flag them with a single click.

Post content you like in your profile

When creating content you will find a checkbox "Post on my wall" in the "Post on walls" tab. When this is checked the post will be shown on 'your wall', right in your user profile.
Beside your own content, you can also post any content you want to share. Simply use the "Post on my wall" button on the content page or the little symbol on each teaser. Content from your wall will always be marked with the blue pin icon. You can remove it with a simple click.

Collect entries which support your projects

In your toolbox you can collect all content which might be helpful for projects or personal development. Simply click the 'Into my toolbox' button next to each entry or the red toolbox symbol on teasers. In the user menu at the very top of the site you find a "My toolbox" link. This is where you will find a list of all collected entries.
Go to your toolbox

Promote inspiring content

Please let us know when you are inspired by certain content by clicking the 'Inspiring' button or the yellow star symbol. The more an entry is clicked as inspiring the higher it will be presented in most of the lists. This way you help others to find inspiration easily. Little photos of the inspiring entries will also appear in your toolbox, so they can continue inspiring you.




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