Research Newsletter

August 2015

Dear people around research about ecovillages,

We had an inspiring meeting at the GEN+20 conference in Findhorn in July. I am starting our conversation with this first newsletter. In attachment you also find a list of “us”. Feel welcome to update your contact details and research projects, area of interest etc. that you want to share in the excel file by responding to me. Your ideas for this group, your information on events, publication, calls for funding or journals are most welcome and I will collect it for the next newsletter – for a condensed communication via e-mail. In this newsletter I merged exciting discussions from our meeting at GEN+20 (thanks Flor and Corneliu for minute wrting), next steps, proposal writing and events as well as the aims and purpose of this group for discussion. I am excited about creating a platform of communication and collaboration between ecovillagers and researchers. Please also let me know your ideas, needs and skills for this.

With greetings and blessing, still delighted about our time in Findhorn,

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