Research Newsletter April 2016

Here comes the third newsletter of the GEN research working group. We have an active period behind us. You have already received the report of the ecovillage research meeting in Rotterdam. In this newsletter you find:

  • Information on events, calls, new publications, new projects etc. 
  • We have written a report on our aims and values, of our activities, as well as planned activities - in the chapter on progress. 
  • Furthermore we are creating a new website, where information on the state of the art, a research guide on methods, and a bibliography will be provided soon. Therefore I want to invite of all you to share your own publications and other you recommend on ecovillage research in the following google doc:

Please note that this document has three categories:

  1. Scientific research references
  2. References by ecovillage participants themselves
  3. References by journalists/media

Some of you have sent me interesting research proposals they are working on and papers they are publishing. I have added a short version in the newsletter. We are happy, if we see more of you join our working group, especially, if you have ideas and IT skills and a bit of time to set up webspaces like a interactive data base for what all of us have to share here. And finally, we present our group members with pictures and short CV for you – soon available on the website.

Iris Kunze (Foculizer of the GEN research working group, editor newsletter)
April 2016

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