Setting up a project

After creating your user account you are welcome to set up one or even several projects by filling the 'create project' form. Directly you dispose of a project space with the url '', where the presentation and all project related content is accessible. After approval of our moderator the project will be presented in the relevant listings of all our affiliated websites around the globe.
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All project are classified by two data fields. The 'primary project type' defines the very essence of its characteristic, selected of multiple types of sustainable settlements, organizations or cultural/educational projects. Additionally several categories of a simplified structure can be chosen, allowing to define additional aspects. In 'find projects' projects can be listed by the selected categories.
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As project evolution you define the actual state of your project development. From a airy dream to a focused initiative to under construction, where things get realized in substance, until established. The state of transforming allows to define projects in process of redefinition or need of support.

Any Eco village started with a dream.
You are more than welcome to use the project form tagged as dream for posting your airy vision of an Eco village you would like to see created. Others might get inspired or feel in resonance. Any user can connect to your dream. The group building feature allows you to define a team. In co-operation and mutual support you might than be able to bring your dream into the next state of evolution.
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