Artists Cohousing, Boulder County CO


To live, work, and share art in a supportive, sustainable artists community.

A caring community, collaboration and sharing are the keys to surviving and enjoying life in the present and the future. We are building an Artists Village -- a sustainable village for artists and art lovers where everyone will have the encouragement and resources to bring more art into our lives and create economic options for sustainability through the arts. Living in a green and energy efficient way, sharing resources, honoring the land and growing food and flowers, art-related businesses and community services. Helping each other in a caring and responsible way is the sustainability plan.

We are a big group of over 300 interested art lovers with 10 financially committed members moving forward to make the dream a reality in a suburban area of Boulder County Colorado. 36 homes, businesses and art studios will be built on almost 6 acres in an area within walking distance of everything, a bike trail, nearby reservoir and a bus stop.