Better In Belize Eco-Community




Better In Belize Eco-Village is situated on 130 acres of Rainforest in the Cayo District. Our community enjoys the natural beauty of the Maya Mountains and shares a stretch of the pristine Macal River with Pine Ridge Mountain Reserve; Belize’s largest protected area.
Our location offers a unique mixture of seclusion and connectedness. On one hand the unspoiled rainforest we reside in provides a peaceful, private, and quiet (with the exception of a few noisy howler monkeys) existence. While on the other hand we are only a short, scenic drive away from the town of San Ignacio, and only 2 hours away from both the Caribbean Coast and Belize City’s International Airport.

Our Way of Life
Here at Better In Belize sustainability is at the core of how we live. We strive to live in harmony with nature and limit our environmental footprint. Our community is entirely off-grid; we use solar panels for our electricity needs and rainwater catchment for our water.
In order to meet some of our food needs we have two organically minded gardens or “milpas” where we grow nearly one hundred different fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices! In our gardens you will find a mix of your usual North American fruits and vegetables with more exotic, delicious local fruits like dragon fruit, Guava, slipper mango, custard apple, and star fruit. We also keep free-range chickens to provide eggs. One of these gardens is also home to Belize’s first solar-powered Aquaponics system, where we are raising tilapia and growing various vegetables in a self-sustaining, closed-loop system that dramatically reduces water consumption.
Another point of focus here at Better In Belize is preserving the natural landscape enjoyed by our community and the fauna in our midst. Over 50% of the 130 acres will be preserved; with over 30 acres being designated as strategically planned common area green space and wildlife corridors. We are currently also looking at ways to emulate wildlife crossing structures to further maximize the ecological connectivity of these wildlife corridors so they can support greater populations of local fauna.
There are also eco-building guidelines established by Better In Belize’s Environmental Advisory Board to ensure environmentally responsible development of the homes in our community.

Whether you are looking for a place to retire and relax, to escape the cold in the winter months, or just a simpler, healthier, and happier alternative to the rat race, Better In Belize may just be the place for you. The beauty of the mountainous landscape and the abundance of wildlife here in the Mayan rainforests are second to none.
Aside from the beauty, the country itself also offers many financial benefits; Belize’s real estate and cost of living are both very low! Property taxes are often less than $100 US annually. Belize also boasts one of the best residency and retirement packages in the world.
For the adventurous, there are a vast array of activities in our area; Bird Watching; Canoeing; Caving; Hiking; Horseback Riding; Kayaking; Mountain Biking; Mountain Trekking; River-Rafting; Swimming; Tree-Climbing; Tubing; Visits to Mayan Ruins and Waterfalls; and Zip lining. There are 125+ fun and interesting attractions and things to do close to us.
Here, at Better in Belize Eco-Village, we offer the opportunity for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle change. We offer a true community feel that has been lost in many North American communities; we are providing the opportunity to socialize and connect with like-minded people from many different places and walks of life.

Joining the Fun
Only 47 of our original 128 lots are left! Better in Belize comprises a small-scale development of 98 single-family homes, 14 small, multi-residential homes and one commercial complex (e.g. restaurant, spa, conference center). A US$500 fully refundable deposit secures your lot for 30 days. We offer 100% certified title (just like in America or Canada). In other words - ownership of land is free hold and title is absolute.
Lot sizes range from ¼ acre to 1.7 acres, starting at US$19,000 with the average price being US$23,000. Prices reflect size, view and lot features. Our selection of lots includes Rainforest; Ridge View; Hilltop; Waterfront; Mayan Circle; Multi-Unit and Commercial.
If you want to learn more, please visit our Website, Facebook page or give us a call at 1-877-836-2756 (toll-free from North America) or 519-954-7244 (from anywhere else in the world). Better yet, come visit us! Nothing beats experiencing the beauty of Better In Belize first hand. We love having guests!