Coming Home Community


A Community of Love, Sustainability and Hope..

Coming Home Community is a community where love is our goal and aspiration. We live by the natural law. There are no people appointed over you as everyone here is equal. People are not criticized or frowned upon to express themselves and ask questions. During church services, where all will be welcome to join in, everyone can participate to build a personal relationship with God; you are encouraged to share your insight and what is on your heart. The community will have a completely organic farm and will be self-sustainable. Everyone is required to contribute to the community in some way within reason and accommodation. The goal is to live a simpler life free of debt and obligation where we can all love each other and spend more time with our families instead of slaving away our entire lives to a job that we hate and does not fulfill your hopes and dreams. THERE ARE NO MEMBERSHIP FEES OF ANY KIND. This community is a place of healing and understanding to repair that which the world today has stripped you from: quality time with family and community, relationships, and hope..
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