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After two years of development we are very close to officially launching the GEN sites. It has been a long journey setting up such a complex system and then to reconcile it with our collaborators on all continents. Finally we are working on the last tuning in the user interface. What we really need is quality feedback. Where did you have problems in usage? Which functions are difficult to understand? Also - we would be very happy if you point out what you especially like! Known issues: Please don't point out the following issues, as we know they are pending tasks:
  • Incomplete interface translation: The spanish and german interface are not completly translated still
  • Ortografic and gramatical errors: The interface and lots of content is done by people not having english as mother language. The correction is pending. Please don't point out such errors here.
  • No correct display on older Internet Explorer browsers: Actually it is not a priority to attent full grafical display on these browsers, which luckily are a small minority already.
  • Not full performance: Being still in development the site is still not performace optimized. That might produce slower page loading in some ocations.