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We are Kostas, Nikos, Chrysanthi, Periklis. We are people of next door, who are tired of the urban environment and the stressful city life. We are a group of young people who, withstanding no more the misery of unemployment, we constantly looking for new ways to express our creativity and change our lifestyle. We are looking for alternative ways of living, with low ecological footprint and more contact with the nature .A lifestyle that will allow us to truly understand who we are.
During this quest the idea of creating a farm was born, a place where we can all live together cooperatively and ecologically .A place where we will be able to take our own decisions about our life and our future. This idea is now matured and tested and it’s time to form and get in shape .And that’s the part that we need your help!


We want to create an organic, self-sufficient and sustainable farm. There can live up to 8 people (permanently), it will be open for visitors and anyone interested to share this experience with us. Also, we plan to organize regular workshops and seminars because we want to share any knowledge we will gain with everyone and inspire other people, as we were inspired by others who dared this before us.
Our aim is to produce everything we need, vegetables, herbs, fruits, dairy products, honey, even wine. The crops and waste management will be naturally (natural farming, method fucuoca, composting), energy will come from renewable sources and homes will be ecological and bioclimatic (cob, houses of straw).
Our plan is long term and needs a lot of time, energy and people and will take some time to fully materialize. But we have to start from somewhere, don’t we?


Life in the cities of today has now become unbearable. Human contact with nature has been lost completely so gradually the human contact with humans will be lost. The need for a simpler lifestyle is becoming urgent so that we can rediscover ourselves and our lost -human and non- relationships.
This idea of creating a farm is not new. Greece has always been an agricultural country and as life in cities is becoming tougher, there is a tendency for young people to return to their villages and engaged in farming. Our country’s landscape provides us a way to live better and, since our state does not care about this, we alone have to claim our future.


We come from Volos, a city of central Greece. Volos is built at the foothills of Mount Pelion, a mountain known since antiquity for its hundreds of species of medicinal plants and herbs. Mount Pelion is decided to be the location of the farm. We want to live the most out of the experience of living next to the water, where, according to Greek mythology, "Nereids and Nymphs were swimming", live on the mountain where "Asklepios was taught medical and pharmacology from the centaurs, and Aristaios learns and delivers the art of beekeeping to humanity. " The exact location of the farm is not yet chosen because it will depend a lot on the success of this campaign.


So we rented a small area (1 acre) in which we experiment with different ways of farming. We learned how to make natural organic soaps, creams, deodorants and whatever else we may need to live with self-sufficiency. We learned how to make our own cheese and wine and a variety of ways to keep food fresh all year round. We have created our pharmacy with herbs gathered from the mountain. We train ourselves to an unknown for us so far and different lifestyle than the city’s. We learn new things and learn each other. We build human relationships and restore our relationship with the natural environment.


The initial boost so that we can make working with the land a way of lifestyle and progression. A small gesture of solidarity so that we can buy and fence a farm. Help us create our home there, so that we can experiment without limitations and share this experience with everyone.
If you are not in a position to pledge, no worries just spread the word!! Or come by and help us yourself!