Eco- peace project




The Eco peace programme aims at promoting eco peace (pro active) culture and advocate for environmental rights to have access to land and to attain rational use of natural resources and ensure sustainable livelihoods. Eco peace advocates to achieving the MDGs targeting poverty eradication and ensuring environmental sustainable development.
Specific Objectives
? To advocate at the state and national levels among stakeholders for equitable sharing of the resources with emphasis on land rights.
? To influence and accelerate the ongoing process of land use planning in the state of North Kordofan.
? Improve the indigenous adaptation of the local communities to climate change through improving sustainable livelihoods.
? To form alliances to enhance participation of all stakeholders and partners and communities to strengthen the Eco peace initiative
Sudan in two areas:
Northern Kordofan State & Gadarrif State
Project components:
1) Awareness Raising and Advocacy
The outreach program in the second phase focused on the importance role of native administration in promotion the concept of eco-peace and conflict resolution on natural resources through theater and music that have been implemented in each three localities. The awareness campaigns targeted local markets were presence of large concentration of tribes and local communities especially in autumn season.
2) Eco Peace Training
The capacity-building program started with training workshop on lobbying and advocacy for violations that occur towards the natural resources by focusing on the analytical approach to the problems and find possible solutions to the problems at all levels (local and federal).
3) Research and study
Research and Study is performed under the title: Effectiveness of the Natural resources management and its impact on livelihood and peaceful coexistence of local communities, especially farmers and pastoralists in North Kordofan state with focusing on climate change adaptation.
4) Pilot community intervention
small projects to alleviation poverty start by selecting a village in the three localities to become a village centre for services is to provide all the basic services through small income-generating, to increase the income of poor families in the village.