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Creando sensaciones

Thursday, October 16 till Saturday, November 15 of 2014

From Oct.17 till Nov.16 the „Valle de Sensaciones“ is open for women of all ages who want to participate in the „Goddess-Time“.
This will be a period where women come together, share, connect to their female power and create a „Women's-Temple“. The base for the temple is already built. It is a round clay building, where we will create together a creative entrance, a floor (incl. underfloor heating) and a „Mandala“- roof.

During this month there will be active times when we work together building with clay which will give us the possibility to fully connect with the element of Earth.
The women are also welcome to bring in their own creative juices and care for the area around the Temple.
Every day there will be time for exchange, with opportunities to celebrate in Circles around the fire or in the medicine wheel, massaging each other, meditating together, connecting to our female bodies, to our voice and to each other.

As the „Goddess-Time“ takes place in our Ecovillage laboratory, it shall also be a research time on the topic of „solidarity of women in community“:
How can we support each other in order to connect with our female power and with our source?
How can we stay in solidarity among women, even when we fall in love with the same man?
How is community life supported when women regularly meet with each other?

We can research these questions together and deal with questions that arise from the Circle.
During this month every woman shall get the space to bring in what she would like to share or explore with the group.
It would be great if most of the women could come for one month, but it is also be possible to join for 1 week. There will be space for about 13 women. (Also there will be 1 – 3 men present in the Valley to support this time in terms of building and maintaining the space.)
The contribution will be 10 – 20 € / day (a reduction is possible if needed). In addition there is a once-only membership fee of 44 €, however people who already live in an Eco-Village are excused.

The group will be guided by Johanna Ananda, who stepped onto the team of the new „Ecovillage-Laboratory“ this month. She has initiated and facilitated many Women-Circles and loves to get in deep contact with women through talking, singing, dancing, healing-sessions and massage.
„I am looking forward to this Goddess Time and I am looking forward to the birthing of the Goddess-Temple, a female power place that will be created at El Valle.“

Claudine Desiree will instruct the clay building. She is founder of a cob building project in California (http://www.cruzincob.com), offering self construction workshops since 10 years.