The Farm




Out To Save The World

In 1971, a caravan of 60 brightly painted school buses and assorted other vehicles carrying more than 300 hippie idealists landed on an abandoned farm in central Tennessee. They had a mission: to be a part of something bigger than themselves, to follow a peaceful and spiritual path, and to make a difference in the world.

Today The Farm is one of the largest and longest-lasting intentional communities in the United States. The Farm continues as a school of change, demonstrating ways to operate collectively in terms of:

Land, water and stewardship
Health care, building and infrastructure
Cooperation, compassion and spiritual values.

For humans to survive as a species, we must re-learn the skills needed to work together and to live lightly on the Earth. The lessons of The Farm can be applied in any community or organization.

In 1974 the Farm founded Plenty International, its relief and development arm working primarily to preserve indigenous peoples' lands, rights, and culture. In 1980 it received the first Right Livelihood Award. Since 1994 the Farm has operated the Ecovillage Training Center, teaching permaculture, natural building, renewable energy and other skills for ecovillage living to people on six continents. For ten years this was the headquarters office of GEN in the Americas. Today it offers month-long permaculture apprenticeships and immersion experiences in ecovillage living.

The Farm is always looking for a few good souls to help in its work, and new members are always welcome.