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Best practices of Edenhope

Explication of Questionaire

Integral participatory design

Although the founding members - Ruth & Stephen - took responsibility for it from its inception as a thought in 2003, it has finally come to the moment when it will benefit from and enjoy the community it was always meant to be.... Being that it will only accept Peers as Members its existing Purpose shall then be realized. Wherefrom its organization and direction become virtually autonomous.
Conscious participation in project design: 
we - Ruth & Steve - continue to shape it until the others come - then it will be the community's purpose to develop its future....
Traditional and local wisdom: 
Notwithstanding where it comes from, and to the extent that it [wisdom] is True is Honored.
Design methods: 
We are conscious of Sacred Geometry - and to the extent of our knowledge respect and evolve in the embrace of that spirit, trying to always tread the Sacred Path....
Innovative methods and appropriate technologies: 
Insofar as the methodology and/or technology are positive for our Purpose, they will be accepted 100%. We will desist from any compromise as soon as a complete answer is known....
Education and empowerment towards sustainable living: 
It is interesting that mankind can adopt [and has adopted] compromises to living concepts ....and has thus taken an irrevocable step on the pathway of death.
Educational courses and experiences: 
a complete immersion in sustainable Reality - actually the only reality ....since illusion has no future, nor does it have a past. How did we get into such a conundrum....?

Best social practices

Conflict facilitation and peace-building skills?: 
we certainly expect absolute resolution ....since our premise is based on absolute love.
Gender equality: 
In the choices we have been Blessed with ....there is no greater or lesser being than each of us. How much Greater could that have been? What a Family....!
Sense of community and mutual support: 
Love is neither blind nor reticent....
we accept everything and everyone that the Great Spirit shows us ....and absorb it into us....!
Inclusive decision-making processes: 
we must truly have consensus in order to move on the Sacred Path.... There really is no other way.
Alliances within wider society and networks?: 
as we are open to each other, so are we to those beyond our [potentially limited] physical presence - we serve our common good and therefore are allied in Spirit with others of conscious mindset.... and Creativity
Integration of new members: 
one at a time - we must all be completely unanimous in taking the steps that will bind us together forever....

Best cultural practices

as it is part of the world we are leaving, to the extent we are still attached there, it remains an obligation ....certainly personal.
Connecting to a higher purpose in life / spiritual pathway: 
that is the Nature of our Reality
the wishes and needs of our family must always be a consideration that the freedom of choice remains open to each
we expect to have, ultimately, no interaction with the local or regional community or its culture - it is all part of the old world....
Awareness about impacts of modernisation / minimising negative impacts: 
the concentration of our whole community is focused on the consequences of choice - therefore we are constrained to pursue benefit and eschew negative impact wholeheartedly
we Hope that it is 100% - as simple as it is, should be no problem to attain.

Best ecological practices

Ecological sanitation?: 
what we give back is equal or greater than what we have taken - thus we are in credit on that account. Everything that can be composted and the rest [the surplus] is the LovingKindness with which we take care of our Garden.
As we proceed, we expect to reach our ideal of zero tolerance for the unsustainable. This site is extremely close to the very edge of the world.... and represents a significant challenge while still in its formative stages to both get to ....and leave as necessary.
Sustainable water management?: 
as long as Nature provides, we will contribute by doing our part [of taking care].
Natural and traditional healing methods: 
do not explain To what extent are ecological and traditional building methods used in this project? we will try to stay 100% ....even though it is also true that the genetic damage has also been inflicted upon us and we are at a disadvantage - but we shall invoke the spirit of Love and Healing to help us along this Path
Organical food: 
there is no other way into harmony with Life
Ecological and traditional building methods: 
once again, to the extent possible ....knowing that we will eventually evolve into a totality of 'sustainable only' Life choices.
Ecosystemes and biodiversity: 
because we are not yet perfect, we cannot claim success as complete, but were it for intention, then we are nearly there....
Renewable energy: 
to the extent it is possible.....
Organic agriculture/permaculture/ natural farming methods?: 
to the extent possible within our knowledge and experience .....although we remain open to greater awareness

Best economical practices

Transparent administration and bookkeeping: 
that's how it has to be - 100% transparent - and 100% responsibly protected and respected
Consciousness of the impacts of consumption patterns: 
this is why we have chosen to leave the old paradigm, let alone that it is fatally flawed anyhow.
we have no interest in trade....
we do not have any commercial purpose whatsoever. There is no economy either for production or consumption of necessities. All is subject to community and care.
there is neither poverty nor wealth that is personal or impersonal here.
Collective ownership: 
to the extent possible - that is, land here cannot be bought; only leased. But the interests we have established must be subject to a collective responsibility.