Assessment tool

Best practices of DEHNATEN. Holistic Community.

Explication of Questionaire

Integral participatory design

The core group based on the sociocratic principles lead the community
Conscious participation in project design: 
At this stage of recent birth, all members are involved in the main lines of design
Traditional and local wisdom: 
Although the new culture has a archetype pattern or imprint, it is to adapt in the local culture and state of acceptance.
Design methods: 
At this stage we are using Sociocracy and Permaculture as general methods + hints methods result of our previous community experiences
Innovative methods and appropriate technologies: 
Technologies are important to us. We are at this time in contact with innovative technologies organisations, to facilitate green and updated ways of doing.
Education and empowerment towards sustainable living: 
We are supporting the Earth charter initiative, and preparing proposals to foster the Principles.

Best social practices

Conflict facilitation and peace-building skills?: 
The community is specialised in right human relationships. We are using key tools based on group psychology and experience to get members to relate in an authentic and deep manner.
Gender equality: 
The balance of the opposites is a principle we carefully watch over. Gender is basic.
Sense of community and mutual support: 
A community is the union of units sharing identity. We believe in identity inclusiveness. The personal within the familiar,within the community, within the social,... Therefore care and proper balance of anyone set of multiple identity, fosters right boundaries between members.
Diversity is the base and root to union. The greater the diversity, the closer to the sense of reality, seeing it in the perspective of a reflection to universality.
Inclusive decision-making processes: 
Sociocracy is very participatory. Any member is deciding on the base of equivalence, which corresponds to its own sense of responsibility.
Alliances within wider society and networks?: 
It is part of Dehnaten's vision to integrate the community within the inclusive corresponding entity. The community would not sustain rightly otherwise. All areas of services from the community feed back our shared global needs.
Integration of new members: 
The process of integration of any member of the community is watch carefully, and based on its own pace, respecting the inner development. The integration of a new member starts when end the previous one.
Empowerment to step into leadership: 
This sense of responsibility offers to anyone the choice of participate in decision with greater impact within the community and beyond.

Best cultural practices

Political activism for environmental and social justice: 
The community is involved in the green local movement, directly acting on local sustainable future.
Connecting to a higher purpose in life / spiritual pathway: 
The community declares itself as spiritual. This means that we as members share a sense of responsibility for the inclusive entity to which we are a part, and following a path of becoming conscious of our greater participation in Life as a living entity.
Dance, music, art, celebrations and rituals: 
The culture of the community identity is fostered through various yearly celebrations and events realised locally and influencing the region.
Local dance, music, art, celebrations and rituals: 
Awareness about impacts of modernisation / minimising negative impacts: 
The new culture to which the community is a part, is watching over trivialities,and discerns to align development on right life principles, is it to say sustainable future principles.
Common vision: 
Community shared vision is a process relative to the integrated new members. It is to be adapted to the expansive constitution of community participants.

Best ecological practices

Ecological sanitation?: 
Sustainable transport: 
Car pooling and shared vehicles is paramount to the members.
Sustainable water management?: 
Water is abundant and precious to the community. Traditional practice are unveiled as it was a local past culture expertise. We are recovering the right knowledge of the past culture.
Natural and traditional healing methods: 
The community core project is centred on heath retreat and fast program for regeneration of deep tissue cleanse. The community has various satellite treatment methods on all levels of human well being.
Organical food: 
As said above, the land is on agricultural zoning and permits production to the level of our capacity.
Ecological and traditional building methods: 
All is to be rebuilt.Therefore we have the capacity to do so ecologically, using local resources which is good quality stone.
Ecosystemes and biodiversity: 
The community is involved in local associations to protect biodiversity.
Renewable energy: 
The community principles contemplates self sustainability in all possible ways. A maximum independence from the greater system, in order to feed back society with innovative solution to evidenced actual problems. Energy is basic.
Organic agriculture/permaculture/ natural farming methods?: 
Food production is a key factor on self-sustainability. The land permits expansion to satisfy food production for the community and as a social service. This to say increasing the organic food supply of the region.

Best economical practices

Transparent administration and bookkeeping: 
Transparency is present from the organisational community method. A commission is responsible to keep records of all activities.
Consciousness of the impacts of consumption patterns: 
Sharing resources appears in the common vision. A special care is granted to the conscious purchasing of goods from outside the community.
Ethical and transparent fair trade: 
All goods not produced from the community are consciously assessed in the perspective of future global sustainability.
Strengthening local economy: 
The project is based on a rural area where little development is sensed. The positive impact of the community activities is greatly felt by the locality.
Economic justice: 
Diversity permits each member to develop in an rightful impact over the environment. Business services are profitable as the respond to the need of the surrounding. This is realised and shared in educational programs.
Collective ownership: 
A legal entity is owning the property. Members act as custodians of the land while they are part of the legal entity.