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Bug report

This site is still in beta state. We are little by little finishing development and solving bugs.
If you step into something which doesn't seem to work as proposed, please report it here.

Last comment by Matt Apprendiz on 10.12.2014

User feedback

After nearly three years of development we are very close to officially launching the GEN sites. It has been a long journey setting up such a complex system and then to reconcile it with our collaborators on all continents. Finally we are working on the last tuning in the user interface. What we really need is quality feedback. Where did you have problems in usage? Which functions are difficult to understand? Also - we would be very happy if you could point out what you especially like!
Last comment by Arturs Polis on 25.11.2014


  • Matt Apprendiz 2 years ago
    Hi, I'm interested in joining the development team. I have experience with PHP development in building web applications and e-commerce systems and I'm thinking about moving to Spain soon. I'd really like to help develop networking and skillsharing tools for ecovillages. Are you looking for developers? -Matt
  • Arturs Polis 2 years ago
    After my first try of working with project entries, I have some more feedback... 1)'Edit Project' area - 'Publishing Options' tab: the current order of published, promoted, moderated options does not feel as a logical sequence. When I have to work with many entries, I can easily mix promoted and moderated buttons. Logically,...
  • pizzarebbe 2 years ago
    Does it exist already? Can I help create it? My project is: Kerem Bnei Shlomo: While awaiting your answer, I extend my warmest greetings, EGO
  • Arturs Polis 2 years ago
    Hello! Ulrike asked me to create some "Test-Events" and give a feedback on this function... 1. When entering the description of the event, I can use 'Text format options' and use html formatted text. For me it would be nice if there was an in-built rich text editor, otherwise I have to use some on-line html editor and then...
  • Gözde Bosnali 2 years ago
    Where to put Turkey! It is a historical, political and geographical puzzle:D As we talked with Ulrike, since Turkey is a part of GEN Europe and this is a GEN classification, it could be good to replace Turkey under South East Europe simply, rather than under Balkans specifically. Thank you so much for your prompt reply....
  • Ulrike Schimmel 2 years ago
    Hi Achim and Matthew, 1. when I go to the moderator interface, it says tehre are 8 pages of entries. I can see the first page, if I click on next or page 2, I get an error message: An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator. 2. All these articles by Leila - should they be published? Or only...
  • Achim 2 years ago
    Hello Gözde Thanks so much for your feedback. Will have it under account. Very valuable for me. Three first statements: Turkey I struggled about where to put Turkey as also Israel and Russia. Its very easy to move each country in the tree, thats why I simply put them in one of the options to provocate feedback of its...
  • Gözde Bosnali 2 years ago
    Thank you so much for your efforts to create GEN sites. I especially liked the "Inspired" button on the page. That allows people to review their inspirations later. Please find below my particular feedback while trying to create a new project in the "Projects" sub menu. -"Create a Project" button is located at the very...