Freedom Village Georgia




Georgia's First Smart EcoVillage

Freedom Village Georgia is a self-contained off the grid Modern Eco Village. Utilizing the principles written in the book “The Principles of Freedom” Freedom Village is a haven for doers, craftsmen, makers and developers seeking to fully emerge themselves with like minded individuals who are unimpeded by anyone.

205 Acres Nestled in the Center of Georgia’s five major cities, Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, Savannah and Athens, Freedom Village offers access to all major shipping, transportation and commercial resources within less than an hour drive in any direction.

With a focus on full self-sustainability and Technical advancement Freedom Village is a model village for raising families and building businesses through collaboration with like minded skilled craftsmen and scientist. In it's full operation the village features:

Intentional Community:
60 Home Tiny Home Community
Co-Living Community
Communal Restaurants
Art & Community Center
Freedom Park & Lake

A Maker’s Paradise:
26 1-2 Acre Large Live / Work Lots
30 Acre Makerspace Complex
Agricultural Accelerator
Freedom Institute
Startup Hub

100% Local:
30 Acre Communal Farm
Compressed Stabilized Earth Block
On-Site Wood Mill
On-Site Glass Kiln
On-Site Forge
On-Site FabLab w/ 3d printers, laser cutters and CNC routers

High Tech:
Internal Network
Dedicated Gigabit Fibre Optics
On-Site Server Co-Location
On-Site Data Hub
On-Site Smart Power Grid
On-Site Water Purification

On-Site Services:
Holistic Medical Center
Pink Crescent Pre-School
Primary School
Secondary School
Farmers’ Market
Retail Complex
Soccer Complex
Fire Station
Earth Building Contractors
Shuttle Service – Airport / Atlanta / Macon / Augusta / Savannah / Athens