The GROW BIOINTENSIVE AGRICULTURE CENTER OF KENYA (G-BIACK) is registered community based organization whose primary purpose is to train and promote GROW BIO INTENSIVE Agriculture (GBIA) as well as other community development options and initiatives among the small scale farm holders in rural areas of Central, Eastern, and Nairobi Provinces of Kenya. G-BIACK was initiated in 2008 to respond to the ever increasing poverty levels and food shortages that are facing our people especially in the rural areas.

Our Vision
Creating a better world by empowering people to pursue environmentally friendly approaches that enhances a more and better self reliant life

Our Objectives
• To improve food production and food security at household level of the target communities by promoting organic GROW BIOINTENSIVE agriculture techniques
• To develop and promote strategies to improve both the long term and short term fertility of the soil among small scale farmers
• To assist community self help groups to realize their potential through training in micro business management, food production, group dynamics and leadership skills
• To assist HIV/AIDS affected families to access available medical treatment, grow nourishing food, learn small business enterprise, and aim for self reliance