Projects section

Projects section

As much Ecovillages, sustainable settlements of any type, organisations and educational or cultural projects can get registered, promoted and developed on GEN sites. In this section users find an overview about registered projects and related information. Read more about project handling on GEN sites.

Different naming

This section can also be called 'Ecovillages', 'Sustainable settlements' or simular. Put be aware that not all types of registered projects are covered by the definition of this terms.

Spliting this section

For some sites it might make sense to offer exclusive sections for 'ecovillages' or other projecttypes like 'ecoturism', 'education, 'permaculture projects', etc. This is posible. Please ask the core team to figure out the best way to put it in practice.


Project entries are very representative for the work of GEN or the organisation offering a site on GEN sites. That's why we set up all default pages the way that exclusively moderated content is listed.