InanItah is a consciously created, earth-based spiritual community and transformational living and learning center in Nicaragua. Its vision is to raise spiritual and environmental consciousness and create space for individual and collective transformation.
InanItah responds to the current expansion in human consciousness and the growing collective urge for a practical spirituality by offering classes, workshops and gatherings to support social, environmental and spiritual regeneration. We focus on the integration of the internal landscape with the environment. We co-create the opportunity to live in community and in harmony with nature, consciously transforming ourselves and our surroundings.


Volunteer at Inanitah

Inanitah is a Spiritual Community on the Magical Island Ometepe in Nicaragua


Inanitah is a conscious community, where people live in harmony with each other and with nature. On a tropical island with two volcanoes, we offer a one month volunteer programme which includes meditation, yoga and breath work classes. 

As an InanItah Explorer, you are invited to participate in daily yoga, meditation and land based regenerative living classes. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and practice natural building and organic gardening, and conscious communication, as well as permaculture and ecovillage building principles.

Shamanic Healing Training

Shamanic Healing Training - InanItah Community, Isla De Ometepe, Nicaragua

November 2 - 6

Shamanism has no dogma, scriptures or sacred writings to revere or to be misinterpreted, only the book of Nature. And by looking to her with an open heart can be understood all of life’s Mysteries.