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...a new model of society

La Città della Luce is an Ecovillage and Cultural Association that has, as statutary scoop the study, practice and spreading of holistic disciplines developed for the fisical and inner wellness of the individuals. In order to reach this goal we organize seminaries, courses, consultation and treatments in Reiki Method Usui, Ayurveda, Yoga, Family Constellation, Bach Flowers, Light Water, Bio-energetic food, Kinesiology, Vedic and Western Astrology, Archetypic Psicosophy, Reich Psycology, Biology, Anathomy, Fisiology, drawing, painting, thrown pottery and ceramic, cutting and sewing, dancing, singing and music, Aware Informatics and Free Software (GNU, LINUX, UBUNTU) and permaculture and synergic agriculture.

La Città della Luce is also an Association for Social Advancement that makes part of CO.N.A.C.R.E.I.S (Coordinamento Nazionale Associazioni e Comunità di Ricerca Etica Interiore Spirituale) and R.I.V.E. (Rete Italiana Ecovillaggi).

It is also and mainly, an Intentional Community for living, working and personal development created for the research and practice of natural methods of healing, and therefore, based on holistic disciplines for wellness, that all the members of the community are expected to know and practice.

The goal of “La Città della Luce” is creating and providing the World with a New Model of Society, based on Love and Awareness, able to share and use the resources respecting the Nature and all the Human beings.

Reiki Method Usui is the main point of the Community. This method helps to recover inner balance and connection with the Universal Energy, and provides the guiding principles in which the community is founded.


Just for today, I will live the attitude of gratitude.

Just for today, I will not worry.

Just for today, I will not anger.

Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

Just for today, I will show love and respect for every living thing.

In the course of time we have understood that without an accurate and shared path of inner growing, a daily cohabitation turns difficult, afterwards all the members of the community are requested to go ahead on the study of Reiki, and the knowledge of the Chakras and Psychosomatic, of Yoga and Ayurvedic Philosophy, including all types of treatments, from massage to nutrition.

Relationship among members is at the top of our scale of values. Every decision is taken in the course of meetings in wich command the commitment with honesty and free expression of inner feeling, in order to achieve an agreement based on the respect to everyone and to common good.

La Città della della Luce is located in the region of Italy called Marche, just a few kilometres from Adriatic sea. Is built from a 2000 mt² ancient living structure erected on the top of a hill and surrounded by cultivated fields.
The facilities includes a collective ownership entirely used as residences, common spaces and workshops, there are also 8 hectares of partially cultivated fields.
Currently La Città della Luce is composed by about thirty-five members, from 0 to 80 years age, and there are people waiting to take part of the project, that will grow in the course of time coincidently with the growth of the efficiency of the organization and his self-sufficiency: new recreational and accommodation facilities are on the way to be built as so a farm holidays, a biolake an a wellness center.
At the community all the commons goods are shared.

In the community we wake up early in the morning, to enjoy the stunning natural surroundings, the beauty of the animals at the colours of the dawn, and the sun that rises; to enjoy hugging each other in a renewed meeting full of meaning, to taste a nice breakfast and share the pleasure of being together and give energy to the new day, to the old and the new projects we share.
Among the aroma of the freshly made bread prepared by us using biologic flour from Le Marche and natural yeast, the homemade marmalade and the traditional, locale honey, tasks and assignments of the working day are defined. After that, everyone starts to execute its duties, all of them different but complementary; settled in order to carry out our project of a New Model of Society, and to achieve the wellbeing and self sufficiency of the community and its inhabitants.

For the purpose to achieve self sufficiency, Città della Luce develops a variety of sustainable practices, using several instruments that include:
• 1 hectare of land cultivated according the principles of synergic agriculture
• 7 hectare seeded with ancient locale grains, cereals, legume and biological salad, imbued with biodynamic farming methods and permaculture
• Spontaneous fruit plants, wild fruits collected in the forest around the house to prepare our marmalade
• Medicinal herbs used to prepare tisane and natural cosmetic products
• 400 olives that provides biologic oil that we conserve and use to feed ourselves during the year, as well as to prepare cosmetics
• 12 beehives to produce a healthy honey, rich in authentic nutritive principles

Self sufficiency means also being able to carry out maintenance works, such as building, hydraulic, electricity, and also take part actively in the renovations of our house, an splendid historic residence that, day after day, we bring back to its antique splendour. Particularly, some members of the community, during some periods of the year, are concentrated on the renovation of the space, in order to make it more comfortable and hospitable.
From 2006 until today we have entirely renewed 600 m2 of roof, following the principles of the biobuilding by choosing sustainable materials, integrating solar panels to produce hot water, and a photovoltaic system of 17 KW that provides a part of our electricity needs, and putting a biomass boiler system to heat the floor at low temperature.

The project of Città della Luce claims also the importance of the expressive and manual art, that takes form in our art workshops.
The art workshop “La Terra e il Fuoco”, with its unique handmade ceramic pieces , potter’s wheel, production of plates, glasses and vases that embellish our space and our table. This workshop also creates ecologic and ethic jewellery handmade using recycled crystals and metals, as copper and brass recovered from industrial and manufacture spots.
The art workshop “Fili di Luce”, that dresses the community with clothing elaborated with natural and biologic textiles, as hemp, linen or bamboo and any yarn that respect the planet and every human being. Also exhaustive studies about the origins of the textiles, and production and elaboration following techniques compatible with the epidermis are conducted.
The art workshop “Eco Calzature”, in which shoes, pumps, sandals and boots are created by using recycled cloth, jeans and fabrics. In this workshop only natural rubber is used.
Product line of bionatural cosmetics”Jala”, that creates a range of products for face and body completely natural and biological, dermatology tested in laboratory. These products are used daily by every member of the community, from the younger to the eldest.
All these arts can be learned in our courses and workshops.
All these projects and products, that are born of the professional experience, the passion and the talent, have found a space to be developed in Città della Luce. From some years, these products are distributed in Italy and also abroad, with the purpose of spreading sustainable practices, ethically and ecologically correct, also in commerce.


The Hero's Journey

27.Dec to 12.Jan

The intensive Residential Course “The Hero’s Journey” is the core of “La Città della Luce” School for Holistic Counsellors, which has been officially recognized by S.I.A.F. (Italian Family Counselor Society) a national accreditation body and professional trade organization officially registered and recognized in 9 UE countries (
The objective of the course is to train and prepare the student to practice a supportive relationship between Counsellor and patient, starting from the student’s own emotions and personal growth.