Lively Village




A natural farm and wannabe community in Lithuania

Lively Village is a socio-ecological project in which farming activities are practised by seeking to adapt to the natural environment and enrich its biological diversity, instead of a millenia-old practise of rude human intervention into the natural processes. Currently our natural farm is developing and growing in these directions: several flocks of ancient domestic chicken and guinea fowl species kept exclusively for their eggs, ancient geese kept for fluff and a freshly introduced ancient turkey, a cow mother and her cub never to be separated and kept for milk only. Old genotype vegetable species garden and several newly planted gardens with old species of fruit tries and berry bushes. Our ultimate aim is to reach into the social through ecological and gather a critical mass of like-minded people for establishment of a communal settlement.

As of 2016, we are open for volunteers and visitors all year-round. If you would like pay us a visit, please contact us and tell us a little about your self and your interests. You are welcome to stay and participate in farms' activities and learn by freely observing or engaging in the farm and communal life.