Molinos Verdes de Moringa





We believe and create a better world where there's a sustainable development and knowledge it's shared.

We want to learn, apply and shared ethical solutions for sustainable development through Permaculture.

Why did we chose "Molinos Verdes de Moringa" ("Green Moringa Mills") as our name?
- Mills are one of the first machines human invented, very simple, versatile, with few pieces and that helps achieve many tasks at different scales.
- Green is the color that represents nature.
- Moringa is a tree with many benefits, that grows almost everywhere; its leaves have high levels of protein (27,1g/100g) also plenty of vitamins, calcium, among others. Flowers are also edibles, you can get essential oil from its seeds and then use them as water filter. Finally, it can go trough drought and flood.

So we are a simple and versatile initiative, that works with nature, in a wide range of fields, adapting to diverse situations and with many benefits.