General Memetics


sustainable culture thoughtware for ecovillage projects

Best practices

Integral participatory design

Leadership is through initiated adults taking radical responsibility. It shows up in the field like this: if you see a job to do it is your job to do. And while you are doing the job, ask for what you want, because if you are serving the space, then when you ask for what you want you are actually asking for what the space wants.
Conscious participation in project design: 
We use Phoenix Process and M.E.S.S. Process for governance and decision making. Both rely on full participation and sharing of both linear and nonlinear intelligence and experience resources.
Traditional and local wisdom: 
Traditional wisdom is indigenous, with the initiations aimed at duplicating a traditional culture. This is valuable when the environment does not change and the traditional culture is working. Neither is the case at present. Local wisdom has been born and raised (contexted) in modern culture - capitalist patriarchal empire - three suicidal paradigms. Also most of local wisdom is reactionary, submitting itself to conformance with capitalistic patriarchal empire laws and regulations that have little relevance in current reality. This forces us to often walk out into nothingness and rely on pure invention, which seems to be working remarkably well. It also turns out to be quite fun and rewarding. Much creativity and communicative relationship-making is required to open the eyes of local authorities who are just trying to do a good job of following the laws and getting re-elected.
Design methods: 
Our development design is modeled on the organic emergence model of mushroom mycelium, comparable to a structured field, where each thread-like strand of hyphae grows towards its food source. The strands are our various bits of attention and the food is what feeds our interest within our shared intention of creating the project. When inner and outer factors are "right" a fruiting body emerges, seemingly suddenly and unexpectedly, like a mushroom, and then suddenly we have a book, a conference meeting, a film, or a new part of the Massively Multiplayer On & Offline Personal Development Game called Initiation. This way the project emerges appropriately, when the necessary ingredients have come together, such as vision, intelligent design, skilled implementation teams, and financial resources.
Innovative methods and appropriate technologies: 
We are experimenting with, for example, as a decision making tool, and will be testing the Council function of This could be really cool. Can we also exchange documents through the council function?
Education and empowerment towards sustainable living: 
Sustainable living is a manifestation of upgrading to sustainable thoughtware. For us, our mission is upgrading human thoughtware. More and more the sustainable living will be creeping in, but for now it is highest priority to deliver processes and technologies and trained shift agents.
Educational courses and experiences: 
We offer 4 day Expand The Box trainings as starters. Trainings differ from classes in that classes provide information for new things to think about, and trainings are safe environments for 4 body shifting that lets participants upgrade what they are thinking with. After Expand The Box a person is qualified to lead Study Group, Possibility Team, Rage Club, and also to participate in the healing and initiatory processes of Possibility Labs. For particular individuals Trainer Labs are advised so they can fulfill their destiny and shift agents upgrading thoughtware for the emergence of next culture. We are also beginning to produce more of our work in video format for broad access online.

Best social practices

Conflict facilitation and peace-building skills?: 
The bar is set to 90% because nobody is perfect and each is evolving into new capacities at differing rates. Conflict-resolution and peace-building are side effects of learning to function from the place of radically responsible free-and-natural adulthood.
Gender equality: 
The cultural context of General Memetics is archearchy, the culture of archetypally initiated adult women creatively collaborating with archetypally initiated adult men. This is not unisex. The nothingness of the archetypal masculine serves the everythingness of the archetypal feminine.
Sense of community and mutual support: 
Ours is a tiny community, emerging out of the ashes of Brückendorf and the Gaian Road Team. The latter, (Gaian Road Team) was an experience in radical reliance on commitment to mutual benefit in an ongoing rapid learning environment. The experience changed all of us. This is why it will be a rare occurrence that others are able to join the General Memetics team. Each person would be needing to have, for the most part, owned their upperworld and underworld, and have proceeded through many levels of authentic next-culture adulthood initiation.
There is diversity of brain types (red - feelings, green - physical, blue - intellectual, yellow - energetic) and diversity of personal resources (e.g. each person has unique mission from their pearl, unique Bright Principles, unique archetypal lineage, etc.) however, the context is not diverse. It is the context of radical responsibility using tools, thoughtmaps and processes from Possibility Management. There is a narrow bridge to get there, but a big playground when you arrive.
Inclusive decision-making processes: 
Again, this is a small team and to access the greatest wisdom we require the diversity of each person's intelligence. We tend to include the denying force as a sacred element of our ongoing evolutionary processes and decisions.
Alliances within wider society and networks?: 
We are highly connected-in with certain evolution focused networks (such as,,,,,, etc.), however, much of our work is orthogonal to the standard efforts in the wider society, and with them we are far less connected. We are taking steps in a different direction.
Integration of new members: 
There will not be many new members, or at least, not many new members very quickly. The process includes reading a long list of certain books and watching a long list of specified videos (see, and partaking in a long list of specified adulthood initiatory and healing processes (see the 7 minute video at:, plus being in Possibility Team, Expand The Box training, and ongoing Possibility Labs and perhaps also Trainer Labs. It's a big deal. Would you want it any other way?
Empowerment to step into leadership: 
Our circle depends on each individual's leadership for collaboration. Because ongoing initiatory processes (personal development) is at the center of our cultural context, empowering leadership for ourselves and others if of primary concern. It is also what we are good at, after 40 years of developing our tools and skill-sets. Particularly our intention is to enhance each person's leadership abilities in nonlinear situations and conditions of groundlessness.

Best cultural practices

Political activism for environmental and social justice: 
Various of us sign AVAAZ petitions online and re-post wake-up info on Facebook, but in terms of standing in front of militarized police and taking pepper spray in the face... well...
Connecting to a higher purpose in life / spiritual pathway: 
Each of us has distilled our personal set of Bright Principles out of our lives and tend to act in the service of our Bright Principles, being the space through which the Bright Principles to their work in the world. To the degree that distinguishing between "being," "psychology/mind ("the Box"), and the "gap of nothingness" is considered part of a spiritual pathway, to that degree members are spiritual.
Dance, music, art, celebrations and rituals: 
Cultural vitality in our project is sustained more by being close to each other on the journey. It is pure adventure, and a global playing field. The soul food is abundant. Having feedback and coaching and ongoing Possibility Teams as a part of the culture also keeps us vital. We do specific rituals to recognize changes and achievement. It sometimes feels like ongoing celebration. Plus there is "coffee time."
Local dance, music, art, celebrations and rituals: 
At this point this is nearly nonexistent. We did get to party with Charles Eisenstein and Rob Hopkins lately as they passed through Bielefeld.
Awareness about impacts of modernisation / minimising negative impacts: 
Back in about 2004 we had to invent the term "technopenuriaphobia" meaning the fear of loosing technology. Technophobia was discovered in the 1960s. Now just 40 years later we discover we are deeply but subtly terrified of trying to survive on Earth without modern technology. Many initiations involve technopenuriaphobia-healing processes, meaning to put in the low-tech rungs under our feet so we can step back down onto and be connected with planet Earth. We are also hyper-aware of the methane clathrates time bomb ticking away in the arctic. For more on this see the recent article here:
Common vision: 
We lost our last project due to a lack of alignment to a common vision, so we have been quite more specific about the vision we carry together this time. Coherence is quite high at the moment.
Cultural Expertise: 
distinguishing story from reality
radical responsibility
emotional healing
four-body osteopathy
upgrading thoughtware
initiatory process
assemblage points
culture shift
cultureal transformation
Expand The Box
Possibility Management
bridge building
being a bridge to next culture

Best ecological practices

Ecological sanitation?: 
Sustainable transport: 
Sustainable water management?: 
Natural and traditional healing methods: 
Our members are also members of Artabana (, only in German) which equates to a health insurance cooperative that meets ongoingly to support each other in making use of non-allopathic healing modalities. Please check it out - very cool.
Organical food: 
We are pretty careful to be eating organically grown foods. Some members eat light food. That is pretty organic, I would imagine...
Ecological and traditional building methods: 
Ecosystemes and biodiversity: 
Renewable energy: 
Organic agriculture/permaculture/ natural farming methods?: 

Best economical practices

Transparent administration and bookkeeping: 
Still being established.
Consciousness of the impacts of consumption patterns: 
Ethical and transparent fair trade: 
The "coin of the realm" in our work, the materials out of which we construct our products, are thoughtmaps. Thoughtmaps are ethical and fair trade. All of our thoughtmaps are open code and copyleft.
Strengthening local economy: 
Economic justice: 
The personal development processes we provide cause participants to be capable of clearly taking their authority back from external authority figures, including external authorities who determine what has value and what value something has. As one become more capable of choosing one's own values, economic justice is suddenly discovered to be in one's own hands.
Collective ownership: 
Economic expertise: 
alternative currencies
mutual commitment
well being