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Pura Vida Eco Village is a 136 hectares organic farm is producing fruit, vegetables and rice as well as cattle, turkeys, chicken, ducks. A tilapia pond is easily developed. Besides that have 7 horses, pretty wild.

It is a special place to be. Although very serene and peaceful it is located only, 10 minutes from the Pan American highway and about 20 minutes from a white sand beach. We have a great infrastructure in place and created lots for housing, service industry or light industry. We have around 20 miles of hiking ridding trails to be exploited. Monte de Oro, a part of the farm, contains gold. Luckily, mining is forbidden many years age. What is left is a conic shaped cave.

The farm has also two quarries for making roads and the rocky material can easily be used as basic construction material. The farm has abundant water. Water flows from the Monte Verde Mountain range to the sea. This allowed us to dig seven pristine water wells. Engineers calculated there is enough water for 15.000 families. All wells are registered in Costa Rica’s registry and have concessions from the government. According to Costa Rican law, the water is tested on bacteria and minerals by the government and an independent lab. If you like you can participate in a project that not only will deliver drinking water to the provinces of Guanacaste and Puntarenas, but also might be able to sell bottled water all over the world. This of course if we can find adequate bio-degradable packaging.

On most spots of the farm can enjoy splendid ocean views and/or admire the Monte Verde Mountain range. At the moment we grow corn, rice, avocado, mango, lemon, orange, tiquisque, yucca and beans. The produce is traded for items we need with the local shops.

We plan to expand our 100% sustainable community. Since we have 2000+ sun hours in the farm, we have enough solar energy to provide all families on the project and maybe sell the surplus to the electricity company. We have enough fertile organic land to produce our own rice, sugar and vegetables. If the law permits we even could make our own rum and beer.

What about business opportunities? Cows can be milked and chicken lay eggs. Depending on your needs and personal design and build your own house or have it constructed for you, another business opportunity.
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