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Tegan Northwood
(landowner at Bega Eco-Neighbourhood Development, Bega, NSW, Australia)

private lot for sale in Bega ecovillage, NSW, Australia

I have a well-positioned block of land for sale in Bend Eco-Neighbourhood in Bega, on the south coast of NSW in Australia.

Located about 15km from the beaches of the Sapphire Coast (Tathra nearest coastal town); a 10min walk from the centre of Bega; and part of a greater 10 hectares of land shared with other Bend members (owners and residents).

The owner/buyer of the land will own the lot, and share in the greater land area which was previously farmland. The Bend land area is roughly 1/3 residential area, 1/3 agricultural area, and 1/3 conservation area (to be reafforested eventually). Bend land adjoins the Bega river and an anabranch of the Bega River runs through our land.

The block is 626m2, one of the best and widest blocks at Bend. It looks out onto the agricultural / conservation paddocks with Mumbulla Mountain behind, with an elevation slightly above houses below. There is plenty of area available for private garden space. The block building envelope allows for partial double-story. (I can email the contract drawing for more clarification).
*All housing at BEND connects to a shared grey-water system, with water tanks, solar hot water and composting toilets part of building requirements. (All houses must be water self-sufficient so all owners must collect enough rainwater for the household).

Bend is located directly next to Mumbulla Steiner school.
Bend is a permaculture-based community. All decisions are made by consensus decision making through various focus groups.

Bend residents are a mix of private owners and affordable housing tenants. One of the best aspects of Bend is the great people who make up its membership.
This is a great opportunity for an ecologically sustainable, supported / retirement place, on the south coast. Although not exactly an 'intentional community', Bend certainly functions like an ecovillage or community.

I am selling the land for $155,000.
Agreement to the Bend Management Statement document is an agreement of sale - please contact me for this or go to http://archive.bend.org.au/15344.html
for the Management Statement, contract drawing, etc.
Also see http://bend.org.au/ for a quick overview.

Contact me at: [email protected] for more info!

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