North Coast Retreat


Laid back life on the beach

My father and I own a house on the Northwest edge of the continental U.S. Even now, I can hear the rumble of the ocean as a winter storm blows through. We live in an absolutely beautiful place, with white sand merely steps from our door and a quiet neighborhood. This is truly a place of sanctuary and retreat for those who prefer to live away from the buzz of urban life.
We surf and salvage wood off the beach to build tiny houses and other projects, we are avid gardeners and are working to build a self-sustaining permaculture garden and things are just now beginning to fully take root. Though it has taken 10 years, our trees are now beginning to establish themselves. Kale is beginning to go wild, as well as comfrey, strawberries and raspberries. Our greenhouse is under construction and we are looking forward to expanding our gardens and food production each year.
Dad does Salmon habitat restoration as we run a small tree nursery here in our yard for their projects. My passions are permaculture and community development through my studies as a social worker. We are passionate about the environment and therefore are looking forward to participating in the large rails to trails project that is just now beginning locally.
We have a 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 kitchen house that we are adapting to be a sanctuary for those who are like-minded and are looking to evolve spiritually and physically.
We are hoping to attract individuals who are vegan and are looking to learn more about raw foods. We do not want to be around alcohol, meat or cigarette smoking, while we do respect the use of cannabis. Through living communally with like-spirited people we are hoping to promote our own evolution as well as that of our community.
Through affordable housing and community eating, we are able to reduce our costs and our impacts upon the land so that we may appreciate and preserve our sacred resources for generations to come.