Permacultura Santo Domingo




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Initial project for the design, building and development of houses with permaculture techniques

At Permacultura Santo Domingo our mission is to conserve nature by rescuing traditional forms of permaculture and educating others in this, whilst providing a model for cooperative self-building.
We will recreate vernacular forms of permaculture and educate others in this, while providing a model for community traditional homebuilding. Also, educate and train people on climate change. Activities that will help to achieve this are learning and practicing how to be selfsustainable, teaching how communities can become self-reliant while working in cooperation, growing their own food. Also we will deliver activities through workshops, classes, and advise sessions, and social networking.
Services and products Eco-tourism with café and other related products A vegetable garden Conservation training and education Building techniques training and education Permaculture art and arquitecture training and education Educational workshops for schools and colleges, and the public at large.
The project is to be self-sustainable thus it is to be a hybrid organization which has a private side and a non for profit side.
In the region where the project is to be held, there are no other permaculture educational or building projects, and the majority of people in the province do not have a good environmental education or enough resources. Also, the appropriate ministries and local government have only recently had resources to do any kind of projects but none that are geared towards these specific purposes. This is due to the fact that the Santo Domingo province only began in the year 2009 and the city began as the size of a hamlet and grew into half a million sized city in about 40 years, a city made up of migrants from other parts of the country. The city is prosperous but has grown in a very disorderly manner, and the authorities have had no time or resources to look into these environmental concerns, thus people are lagging very behind in this respect.