Community mandala


A game as tool to organize communal living

The community Mandala coordinates daily and common life in an amusing way, and allows a fair and flexible distribution of daily tasks. It also gives an understanding of the different aspects of community life, supports a dynamic and creative being together and encourages to take responsability and to value de role of our flatmates.

All of the tasks and areas of responsibility are represented through magnet fields, which allow to dynamically individualize the game so that it fits for different ways of living together. Since you can change the meaning of each field, it is the game that suits reality and not the other way around.

Each player moves around on the Mandala board with their tokens and chooses between the daily tasks, or chooses a role as an elf and cares about an aspect of the living together.
The game has also small suns which can be given to other players in recognition of their doing, or which you can get doing something not directly represesnted in the game. They introduce more balance and motivation for spontaneous actions, such as for example backing a cake.