Conscious Feelings


using your feelings consciously changes the culture you live in

The ideas given to us about feelings by modern culture are so distorted that we equate feeling good with feeling nothing. We don’t actually want to feel happy. When someone asks us, "How are you feeling?" and we say, "Fine." or "Good." what we are saying is "I feel numb, and that is good."

Our numbness cuts us off from an inborn source of tremendous clarity, wisdom, insight and power: our adult feelings. Having a feeling is not a symptom to be stopped by brain drugs. Feelings are not some design error made by God. Feelings provide information and energy for bringing our uplifting vision of what is possible for humanity on planet Earth to life. If you have a feeling it is for healing something or for handling something. Drowning your feelings in denial, distraction, or drugs is waste of the greatest magnitude.

The growing global chaos and the general failure of seemingly intelligent human beings to create a sustainable future for ourselves reflect a deep disconnection from our own feelings. Idealizing the strong numb hero could possibly exterminate the human race.
This is an important book. It is a book for now. This book takes the reader by the hand and says: Personally choosing numbness may have been unconscious for you. But in this very moment you can change your mind and learn to consciously feel. Then, step by step, you do just this. Please read this book.

If you wish to change, read this book. It puts a simple key in your hand: allow yourself to feel. The key releases you from paralysis, opens true insights, and gathers energy. It brings people together wherever we stand to take responsibility for the situation on this planet. It awakens the inner adult to step forward and make the changes we long for. Thank you for this guide to a new culture. May this book spread in the world.
- Sabine Lichtenfels, peace activist, author, co-founder of Tamera

Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings can help us peel off decades of pain and numbness to unearth our powerful, authentic selves. Genuine, here-and-now feelings are messages to help us behave appropriately and courageously, and to make the changes we need in our lives. Callahan’s book is full of potent, accessible tools for clear, effective communication and responsible action. This – our ability to be real and true – is what activists, ecovillage pioneers, and all of us (in my opinion) need to make the world a better place.
- Diana Leafe Christian, author of Creating a Life Together and Ecovillage Newsletter

In the Middle East one experiences numbness not only as hopelessness about achieving any solution to the conflict, but as a tactic for survival itself. In this book Callahan introduces individuals, communities and nations to tools that allow awakening and transformation to occur. Here is an opportunity for all of us to gain a future worth living for.
- Sami Awad, Executive Director of Holy Land Trust

Consider this book an 'Owner's Manual' for those who are prepared to make a deep and full commitment to their own development in these days of great upheaval and greater possibility. To bring feelings into clarity and skillfulness, learning to use them as most powerful tools of human navigation, is a great and noble intention. May the spirit world take note of this guidebook, calling us to meet our potential by developing the gifts of feeling that accompanied us into this world.
- Malidoma Patrice Somé, Ph. D., author of Of Water and the Spirit

Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings is an owner’s manual for Sane Human Being. Follow the diagrams. Reconfigure your wires. Adjust your inner dials. Pretty soon you’ll reclaim who you have always been, who you came here to be, empowered by deep and authentic feelings. May your copy become dog-eared and yellowed with use.
- Tim Bennett, filmmaker

Brilliant. A provocative study of power, healing and emotion. Callahan presents compelling insights into the relationship between personal transformation and global balance. Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings is a road map to higher consciousness that all of us can follow.
- Llyn Roberts, M.A., director of Dream Change, Inc., author of Shamanic Reiki, Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness and other titles.

Clinton blends a rare combination of accurate psycho/political state-of-the-world awareness with truly valuable emotional-healing skills. We deeply need them both and this book leads the way.
- Bill Kauth, co-founder of New Warrior Training Adventure, and A Circle of Men.

We project the horror of what happened to us as children onto the world. Gaia is suffering from all the ways in which we act out our 'unreal' solutions to what we could not solve. We cannot heal Gaia because we don't believe in ourselves, in our true value. Thus we have turned ourselves dumb.
It is in this that Clinton's work is so precious. This great book is a guide to consciousness. Only this level of self-development can bring out the attitudes that we and the world need to heal the Great Mother, our Earth.
- Dr. John James, author of The Great Field, and Notes to Transformation for his inner work and trainings for his love of Gaia

Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings is the key to deliverance of humankind from our rapidly-approaching tragic end. This book is about honesty, sustainable community, forgiveness, creativity, co-intelligence and service – all the themes of liberation from the nightmare of civilization as we know it. Plus it is a very practical human body user’s guide. Clinton Callahan is radical, and he and those he works with are genius! This is a wonderful book!
- Brad Blanton, author of Radical Honesty