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Rawfood, homeschool Community Costa Rica

Rawtreat consists of two farms. Heartland is located in Ojochal and Rawland in Rio Claro. We are planting many fruit trees and veggies to become self-sufficient… and may of our trees have already started giving us fruit! Heartland has many children of different ages living in it and we would love to have more children so we can homeschool togethger. Our diet consists of 100% rawfoods and we are very passionate about healthy, simple living… We often have potlocks and work together on the different projects. Our farms are trully spectacular places with pristine air and water.. We are already completly off the grid in water and energy! We began working the land and planting fruit trees 13 years ago, but until last year our core group of community members joined! Now we are looking for other passionate individuals and families who want to share our passion to become self-suffient!!

We have different accomodations in both projects from tents to a very nice family cabin with breathtaking ocean and mountain views!… if you are passionate about farming and living a community life please drop us an email…