• Hildur Jackson

    In Memory of a Life Well Lived

    All dimensions

    In this newsletter, we share in the celebration of Hildur, mother of GEN and Gaia Education, in memory of a life well lived, and in grieving of her passing. Hildur’s life was a song for justice and human dignity. Remembering her, it seems her voice was singing rather than speaking

  • Zimbabwe:

    How Permaculture Can Restore Ecosystems & Communities

    Maddy Harland, publisher of the Permaculture Magazine (UK) tells the story of the Shona African community who healed their damaged ecosystems. They restored their springs, rebuilt their soil, regenerated their agriculture and alleviated poverty and malnutrition.

  • For a Better World in Cameroon

    Bafut Ecovillage Receives Gaia Trust Award 2015

    On the occasion of the GEN+20 Summit held in Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland from July 5-11th, 2015 the Bafut Ecovillage won the Gaia Trust Award as the most inspiring Ecovillage project in Africa. By Sonita Mbah. 

  • Strand Report "Emergencies"

    Responding to a World in Crises the Whole Systems Way

    "How are we responding to crises using a whole systems and regenerative approach?” This was the question that a group of ecovillagers, consultants, volunteers, and other interested participants gathered to explore during a week-long session during the 20th Anniversary of the Global Ecovillage

  • Spiritual Practice for Peace

    5 Minutes a Day - A New Practice for World Citizens

    Do you often feel overwhelmed by daily news?

    Do you find yourself shying away from stark information, either by assimilating it on a purely rational level, or by stopping to read or watch altogether?

  • Australia

    Multiple occupancy zonings being ‘abolished by stealth’

    The NSW Government is set to abolish a successful planning policy that has seen more than 120 intentional communities established across the state over almost 30 years, most of them in the northern rivers.

  • Editorial Newsletter September 2015

    Ecovillages Responding to Disasters and Crises

    All dimensions
    With thousands of refugees and migrants arriving on the shores of Europe on a daily basis, the pain and crises in the world are becoming increasingly impossible to ignore, even in those regions which have felt relatively sheltered for a long time.
  • Schloss Tempelhof

    The first Earthship in Germany

    The eco-village and community, Schloss Tempelhof, was founded in 2010. As a visionary place and future workshop venue it is going to build the first approved Earthship in Germany.

  • Skala Ecovillage, Greece

    Greece: Community Building in Times of Crisis

    At Skala Ecovillage, a network meeting of grassroot projects from all over Greece brought ideas, actions for change, community building, and hope as Anna Fillipou writes in her moving letter.

    Dear Friends of Skala Ecovillage,

  • Strand Report

    Science and Research in GEN

    Even academia is changing slowly towards new paradigms. Ecovillages are increasingly approached as “research objects” often because of their exciting experiments for sustainable living, social and technical innovations.

  • Netherlands:

    Village Trade Center

    The time of the World Trade Centers is over, we will have Village Trade Centers instead! A Village Trade Center (VTC), is the simple idea of stimulating local production based on the talents of people in the village.

  • The Tsunamika Doll:

    Auroville’s Symbol of Hope for Tsunami Survivors

    Auroville, a community in South India aspiring towards human unity, was among the many communities hit by the December 26th, 2004, Indian Ocean Tsunami that was caused by an earthquake off the coast of Sumatra.



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