Voluntary work


A volunteer looking for an eco project.

Hi. My name is Natasa. I am 33 years old and am currently on a voluntary mission in Switzerland and working on projects that envolve developping new social models and creating a future permaculture village.

I enjoy doing outdoor work as well as learning from craftsmen and artisans. I have gardening experiences and would like to learn more on biodynamic agriculture. I am interested in natural ways of living (in nature) and different types of eco projects. I am a backpacker on a journey and in search of another project where I can contribute and invest my energy. I would also like to assist with some restoration work (woodwork, painting...) and engage in natural building.

In case you need extra help or a new inhabitant in your eco village or an existing settlement feel free to contact me.

Love, peace and serenity…

Kind regards, Natasa.

I'm searching a project where I can step into and bring in my capacities