mostly latino clown/ artist eco community in ecuador

Shambhalabamba is a relatively new, mostly latino, clown/ artist eco community (dec.2012) in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. We have flat land in the Andes next to the Chamba River. Since dec. 2011 we have had workers build the infrastructure, which includes electricity and water from the gov't. and from our well by the river to a tank on the high part of the property, plus an irrigation canal for agriculture. Recently, we have obtained to more properties adjacent which makes now about 6 hectares (2.4 acres/ hectare). Consequently, we now have a road from the country road from the village to here and more land to develop for more members in the community.

We have implemented many features: swimming pond, 6 teepees, all with water, electricity, and wifi, and some with small kitchens. 3 dry toilets, 2 hot showers, a malokka (round building with no walls, 12 meters in diameter, with large kitchen), 2 bodegas (storage spaces), washing machine for clothes, compost for hot shower. gardens for veggies, and cultivation of fields, fruit trees, oranges, mandarins, coffee, and bananas were already here, but planted around 140 more, 38 chickens for eggs and a large area for them. school with bottle walls, green house for plant propagation, house with tree in center overlooking property for future workshops and retreats, wood working shop, vermiculture, one yurt, well and pump with water tank on high part of property for water from the river, tree house (mine), another new, rustic, cool house for family, 2 more simple houses on the way, and a very simple cute house by the river, an outdoor stage facing the swimming lake, recording studio for music and film, many circus things, music setup, and much access to the river.

The new property has the new road, a new well and water tank above, and underground pipes for water and electricity throughout, and we will make a new, larger woodwoorking shop next to the well in the far corner of the property. At the highest level of the new property is a large flat space for a center for curing arts, which will be run by donation only and feature using our plants and others for healing and will service all of Vilcabamba.

Everyone is equal here. We have 3 principles: unity, harmony, and personal integrity. It is important that people only do what they want, as this is an exploration into what it is to live free. It is extremely tranquil here with a lot of love motivating us to contribute to the whole. You can see us on facebook group: shambhalabamba. address inquiries to [email protected]