Suderbyn Permaculture Eco-village




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Suderbyn has been established during Summer 2008 and has year-round residents since August 2008. The old 5 ha farm is bicycling distance from the World Heritage town of Visby,and walking distance from pristine Baltic Sea beaches, on the Island of Gotland. Suderbyn Cooperative Society plans to establish a large permaculture forest garden on the property and establish a community-built eco-village with local natural materials in its centre. For social and ecologic reasons we wish to have a high proportion of collective facilities complemented by very simple private housing. We will work towards increased self-sufficiency in energy (solar/wind/wood)and food.We have chosen to have only dry toilets and natural purification of our grey water.
We hope employment in the village will be possible. The location is excellent for tourist-related businesses such as artisan products, holistic treatments, courses, food-processing, book café, cultural & social centre, offices and hostel to be located in our