Sustainable Community Based Tourism




Rural Eco Tourism

ASTCF (The Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation) is a civil society organization that has been established in 2014. Founded with enormous support from the tourism industry in Uganda, it plays a key role in ensuring that Uganda’s tourism is sustainable, both in terms of concern for the environment and for the welfare of local communities.

Communities in Africa’s rural and marginalized areas are the custodians of most of the world’s natural and cultural treasures. The abundant and diverse natural, historical and cultural heritage resources that are available in many rural areas represent exciting tourism opportunities to stimulate direct and indirect jobs and other micro-economic activities. The appropriate development of these resources can create a range of social, economic and environmental benefits for rural individuals and communities.

Africa Sustainable Tourism Foundation (ASTCF) provides expertise and other consultancy services to assist village communities and entrepreneurs to identify and analyze their natural, historical and cultural heritage resources, and to develop them into appropriate, viable and sustainable new tourism attractions, facilities, services and experiences that will meet the needs and expectations of various market sectors.

These enterprises include craft market vendors, official tourist guides, juice pressers and fruit sellers, eco camps, horticulture initiatives, guest houses, small hotels and community associations – ASTCF is now supporting, training and representing over 100 members – individuals, small businesses, community organizations.