Todos Santos Cohousing Ecovillage




Connecting to one another in our neighborhood by creating a space where we can come together to create and have a caring community. There are many pieces of land for sale in our neighborhood that are reasonably priced. Already we have 4 families that live very close to one another that are interested in this project. Our vision is that people buy their own piece of land whether they are a family, single person or group. Then everyone will donate some money to buy collectively a piece of land where we can build whatever we want to do collectively.....share meals, share child rearing, elder care, garden, ecological projects, art project, natural building, alternative energy projects, etc.

The vision is to help each other in the details of living, while we create a community that emphasizes sustainability, living sacred with the earth and supporting each other. Members participate when they want to. There are no mandatory activities. We are just forming, so the details are yet to be created.