Tortuga Bay


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We decided it was time to stop watching the global decline and to start acting. So we are emigrating to found an ecovillage community.

Our goals are: 1) counter-acting global centralization, 2) preserving nature and local resources 3) become as autonomous and resilient as possible 4) build a haven where people are free to diversify and create, without having to fear for their livelihood.

To do this, we need likeminded people.

We anticipate the transition-town is going to combine EarthBag structures, diverse agriculture ranging from traditional forestry to modern aquaponics, community-owned energy, heating and water infrastructure and (of course) internet access.

The plan is to keep the community below ~120 people to not exceed Dunbar’s Number and thus maximize the ease of self-governance. When it comes to rules, we prefer a hands-off approach. Cultivation of nature and tolerance towards each other are usually enough, no cultural or societal norms need be set.

Right now, we are still finalizing the choice of country. Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina are all strong candidates.

Update: we are currently focusing on Chile.

If this sounds interesting to you, send us a message as soon as possible!