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Aimee Fenech

Love life and try to take up any opportunity for adventure. I work in financial services, love travelling, self-improvement and growing food :) Enjoy music, writing poetry and reading... but don't be fooled I also like to go out for a good night out and if you put the music on I'm likely to want to start dancing there and then. I like spending time outdoors, camping, horse riding and would love to try kayaking. Mostly a morning person, energetic, outgoing and impatient (let's go, go, go lol) Overall the best way to describe me would be: A loving, low maintenance, intelligent and adventurous girl. I’m really good at fixing problems and making friends with dogs, I'm lactose intolerant which means I learned to live without ice-cream and cheese. On a typical Friday night I am out having a good time or in watching a movie... depends really on what I feel like doing I'm an easy going person, like to travel and make new friends. I'm living in Mijas Pueblo at the moment but looking forward to do plenty of travelling at the weekends. I am the project manager for Veintidós (22) a permaculture experiment & community project in the South of Spain, (Mijas Pueblo in the Malaga region) to test and learn permaculture principles applied to an urban setting. Everyone is welcome to participate online or on site in the ongoing projects. It is part of the Eco Hacker Farm project more info here: