32 years
I speak: 

Background and visions

Looking forward

I would like to live in: 
Any sustainable settlement
Traditional village project
Urban eco-quarter
A project to life: 
I plan to start a new project on my own
I would like to start a new project as a group.
I'm involved in an established project
Regions which interest me: 


I'm happy to be contacted by other users.
Please give me recommendations about finding my path.
I'm interested to be integrated into a 'start-up aid' program.
I'm willing to give an economic contribution if I get the chance to be part of a guided 'start-up aid' program.
Looking for theese experiences: 
temporary communal living
voluntary work
work camp
holiday situation in eco setting
being involved periodically in a project as a "second life" while continuing my regular "first life"
I'm willing to give an economic contribution
I would like to collaborate in: 
Any likeminded organisation
Educational project
Ecovillage support project
Communal neighbourhood garden
Organic food cooperative


Family situation: 
in a relationship
I'm going to take with me: 
young adult
my brother
my sister
my very best friend
a person which needs special care

Professional situation

Social Worker and IT Personal
Actual work situation: 


My actual economy: 
I have a secure income
New life economy: 
I have no idea how I'm going to make my living
I'm happy to life in a simple situation without using a lot of money.
If there isn't so much money available I can adapt.
I like to do things properly by investing in good materials, good tools.

My projects

User is not a member of any group.


Communal living: 
teach me
teach me
Living in nature: 
teach me
teach me
teach me
teach me
teach me
IT work: 

Agent of Change Initiative

We love our community. They are many creative, active, wired… and frustrated that our world is so messed up. The world we leave in today. At a re-solution; Agent of Change Initiatives is mandated to carry out voluntary tasks of coordinating issues on environmental sustainability and to address the looming catastrophe due to negligence which can be hazardous to life, majorly within our school children. Agent of Change Initiative is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization based in Nigeria and with networks in other African countries including the Let’s Do It! World – Estonia and many more. Agent of Change Initiative harness awesome energy thereby unleashing her cause on youth cared for. Almost every month, we plan to be launching a new national campaign.



Center for Experimental Cultural and Social Design

ZEGG intentional community hosts about 100 people. We focus on the ecological and social aspects of living together in a future-orientated way. Sustainable development is only possible if it touches and embraces a variety of life areas. ZEGG especially promotes personal development and cultivates a way of heart- and mindful communication. As a community we stand for following our own truth in love, relationships and sexuality. ZEGG changed in its 20 years of existence and has been on the move from a rather homogenous pioneer community to the pluralistic and manifold resident group of today.

Community Building

Planning to start by building a small community


I hereby call for your support toward my dream, because my days spent in ZEGG thought me and transform my knowledge on how important is community team build is very important in our every day life.

So please join me in raise fund this grate initiative.

Thank you all.