Background and visions

Looking forward

I would like to live in: 
Any sustainable settlement
Traditional village project
A project to life: 
I plan to start a new project on my own
I would like to start a new project as a group.
I'm involved in an upcoming project
Regions which interest me: 
Congo (Brazzaville)
South America
I'm willing to leave my actual life in: 
April, 2016


I'm happy to be contacted by other users.
Please give me recommendations about finding my path.
Looking for theese experiences: 
voluntary work
work camp
I'm willing to give an economic contribution


Family situation: 
I'm going to take with me: 
young adult

Professional situation

Fine Arts, Environmental Health, Agriculture, architecture.
Actual work situation: 


My actual economy: 
I have a secure income
New life economy: 
I have a coherent economic concept for a communal project
I aim to live without money.
I'm happy to life in a simple situation without using a lot of money.
If there isn't so much money available I can adapt.
I like to do things properly by investing in good materials, good tools.

My projects

User is not a member of any group.

Michael Bommerer

We are about to create an organic communitygarden. our land is on an small island in the middle of the atlantic. The island is called Guanahani. We try and we hope, that we will be able to manage the food supply on this peaceful island. I am looking for people interested in helping start this eco-community in the Bahamas on san salvador (gunahani), using the principles of permaculture. The community would have an agricultural focus and members should be willing and able to work in the field. The project is just in the planning stage at this time.