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Robert Jones

We are currently four people, (1 x Englishman, 1 x Russian, 1 x Bulgarian 1 x German) living in a village in South Eastern Bulgaria not far from Karnobat and the seaside city of Burgas. Our village is not a thriving village as like many Bulgarian villages, the younger people have left to live and work in the Towns, Cities or in other countries leaving only the older generations behind. This leaves numerous cheap properties with good sized portions of land that are really cheap by Western European standards, but they all need a lot of work to bring them up to an acceptable living standard. It is my intention to form some kind of eco-village or commune where younger European people and families can leave the rat race of western society and get back to rural living and self sustainability. I am able to purchase and long-lease properties or, arrange for direct purchase at some future stage as the project starts now with this presentation. I own a fair amount of agricultural land that could generate more than enough food to feed an eco-village or commune and provide surplus to sell. I would like to see old rural crafts revived with pride and an infrastructure reinstalled in the village with better integration with the indigenous population.